Proactively manage your business with myHealthMart
  • myData
  • Improve your operations and profitability with a complete picture of your business all in one place

  • myHealthMart pulls your financial, clinical, operational and marketing information together so it’s easy to see a comprehensive view of your business and take action.
  • Transparency into your data lets you stay on top of your business to make informed decisions.
  • myPrograms
  • View the Health Mart solutions available to help you manage and grow your pharmacy and benefit your business

  • One-click access to marketing programs and educational resources.
  • Explore new opportunities for your pharmacy in the Program store.
  • myInsights
  • Gain insight into how your decisions are impacting your business

  • Easy-to-read and easy-to-interpret information personalized to your pharmacy and updated frequently.
  • Set customized business goals and performance targets.
  • Monitor your progress and success with month-to-month and year-over-year comparisons.
  • Compare your data to industry benchmarks with easy-to-interpret color coding.
  • Online and live support staff.

Easy to understand. Personalized. All in one place.


Health Mart is proud to be a member of the McKesson family, sharing in the collective industry knowledge and experience residing within all of the McKesson corporate affiliates. Since 1833, McKesson has been committed to the success of independent pharmacies through the delivery of innovative programs and reliable distribution services. Learn more at